Episode 007 – Shaken, Not Stirred

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Episode 7 serves as a bit of a help group session for Sharky and Brian as they look inward to their feeling about Adobe Lightroom’s performance. They laughed, they yelled, they cried (silently and when no one was looking) as both recounted stories of untold minutes and hours wasted while their current photo manager and editor of choice chugged along. Alternative products were brought up and excuses were made as to why they couldn’t switch. It was emotional. Fortunately, everything turned around and the duo saw the rainbow as the topic shifted to what the current trends in photo and tech seem to be. Brian pulled out all the stops with his fortune telling abilities to share what he believes will be the next major innovation in the photography space. All that and another heaping portion of “What’s On Your Gear Shelf” makes up Episode 007.

Show Notes

  • The show kicks off with Sharky recounting all the times he has pleaded for Adobe to do something about the performance issues that are glaring with the current iteration of Lightroom
  • A bunch of alternative were tossed into the ring—like ON1 Photo Raw, Capture One Pro, MacPhun Luminar, and Photo Mechanic, but Brian brought up that he doesn’t have the time to relearn an entirely new program while also ensuring a smooth migration of his entire photo catalog
  • The hosts are hopeful for some relief in the form of a major update to Lightroom announced at Adobe MAX
  • After a healthy dose of lamentation, Brian and Sharky change gears to discuss trending technologies in the photo space and things are looking very cool
  • Brian is hedging his bet that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play a big role in making cameras smarter by allowing them to analyze the scene being shot and make adjustments accordingly to improve the output
  • Brian also recounts his time working on the Google Photos team and the importance of their Auto Enhance feature. [via AdWeek]
  • Sharky believes that there will be greater demand for manual lenses, given how easy they have become to adapt to most camera mounts
  • He continues on to discuss the upward trend of players like Kickstarter, which allows entrepreneurs to fund fringe camera product development to the market without the need of seeking out venture capital.

What’s On Your Gear Shelf?

Sharky: Think Tank Photo Pro Speed Belt v2.0 [via B&H Photo and Video]

BrianHot Shoe Spirit Level Cube [via Amazon]


  1. +1, +1Million even! You are absolutely right to be on Adobe’s back about Lightroom’s sluggishness. Adobe CAN sort this out if they want to . Pressure from influential people like yourselves is the best way to make them listen – please continue to lean on them on behalf of the rest of the photo community. My computer specs very similar to yours – I am running 32GB RAM, OS and all images are on SSDs, Core i7 4790K processor rated at 4700 MHz, Video Card GTX970 4GB RAM. Lightroom still performs like a one legged tortoise that has had too much to drink – everything else on PC runs fine, even Photoshop CC2017!
    As an aside, I noticed recently that the routine fortnightly backup of my whole C Drive takes twice as long as it used to do. A bit of exploration of my C Drive showed that I currently have stored LR previews of 100GB – thats quite a lot! I had LR set to never delete high res previews, so I have just changed this to keep only 30 days worth in future – I don’t think it is critical to keep them longer, as I tend to edit my images fairly soon after import. Thought I would try keeping a smaller preview cache in case it helps. Render times are still slow however. Hope it will improve as LR prgressively deletes previews over 30 days old over time? Will see how it goes….

    Anyway Sharky, please keep up the great work on behalf of so many of us in the photography community.

    I enjoy both your podcasts and follow you on Twitter btw.

    Best etc

  2. I shoot with the Sony A7Rii and have to work with the huge files. I totally agree that LR is so sluggish. Switching between panels takes forever and spot removal takes a few seconds between clicking and the healing. My pc is fast and powerful. It’s the software. I love On1 Photo Raw but I have used LR for so long that it’s hard to switch over.

  3. Funny I’m listening to this… I just bought 3 weeks ago, the latest MacBook pro top of the line … and LR is still slow.
    They dominate the market and now they let us down.
    Thanks for this fight

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