Episode 009 – Manners Maketh Man

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We’re so close to double-digit episodes, we can taste it… and it tastes GOOD! In this episode, Brian refers to a recent experience he had with another photographer during a road trip to Grand Teton National Park. It promoted both hosts to talk about the etiquette—or, sometimes, lack thereof—that photographers should consider having. Being nice and paying it forward should just be a natural thing that good photographers, and people, do. This allows Sharky and Brian to segue to a story about a new addition to “Leave No Trace” principles while visiting natural locations with your camera. Nosh on that and then come back for a heaping portion of “What’s on your gear shelf?” You’ll feel full in no time.

Show Notes

  • Brian and Sharky share stories about photographers who treat every shoot like a competition and the act of helping another person out with information must be protected at all costs
  • Brian recounts a particularly frustrating story while visiting Mt. Ranier National Park with photographer, Matt Kloskowski. [visit mattk.com]
  • Sharky shares experiences from his photojournalism days and how some gigs were put in jeopardy because of others acting stupidly
  • The hosts use their stories as a means to introduce the 7 principles of the Leave No Trace Center [source]
  • A story was posted where an eighth principle has been proposed, urging people not to share photos from natural locations for fear of future damage [via GearJunkie]

What’s On Your Gear Shelf?

Sharky: LensCoat RainCoat Pro [via Amazon]


Brian: G-Technology G-Drive ev ATC [via Amazon]


  1. I just started listened to your comments abut the photographer that didn’t tell you how to bypass the runoff. I was there probably two weeks before you. There is a barn, and an old house. I was there several time, it wasn’t until I was there maybe the third time that I discovered the runoff filled with water. That is because I parked not in the parking lot, but at the first pull off across from the bus parking area, then approached the barn from the field side. If he walked through the field to get there he would not have know what you were talking about. If that had been me during my first two visits I would not have know what you were asking. Or maybe he was just a jerk.

  2. I asked someone online where he took a particular photo and he offered to show me by signing up for a $900. Nothing against workshops, but I wasn’t available for nor could I afford a workshop just to visit a location.

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