Episode 015 – Pretty. Ugly. and #AskNNPS

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It’s sorta wild that we’ve made it to Episode 15! You could say we’ve quindecupled our episode output. In this episode, your hosts tackle a story recently shared on PetaPixel about a photographer who used a national home improvement store location as the set for a photo shoot. The results turned out beautiful but there were some larger questions about whether it should have happened in the first place that we wanted to bring up. It’s a solid story and we think you’ll enjoy it. That’s followed by the first in what we’re hoping is a growing series that we’re calling #AskNNPS. We received a thoughtful question via Twitter from a listener and we felt it was certainly worth a segment on the show. We’re hoping that you take advantage of this by tweeting us your own questions or topics using #AskNNPS. We’ll happily cover our favorites, so keep the suggestions coming!

Show Notes

  • Our first story begins with a post that the original photographer and post author, Jenna Martin, shared [via PetaPixel]
  • Sharky brought up that the story had been shared over 53,000(!) times since recording. It has been re-shared over 59,000 times as of drafting this post.
  • The story had also been picked up by global news outlets, including in the UK [via the Daily Mail]
  • While we shared our thoughts on the matter, we both agreed that Jenna is a helluva photographer and we would like to share her amazing underwater photography [via Jenna Martin Photography]
  • The hosts then segue to the first in a new series called #AskNNPS. Show listener, Martin Greenaway, tweeted to the hosts about their thoughts on upgrading to a new camera system after outgrowing an existing entry-level setup [via Twitter]
  • Post cover photo [Dayne Topkin via Unsplash]

What’s On Your Gear Shelf?

Brian: DJI Osmo Mobile Stabilizer [via Amazon]

Sharky: Anodized Red Lizard Custom Soft Release Button [via Amazon]




  1. How come the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II didn’t get any love as a sports shooter? It’s a great bird shooter according to some like Scott Bourne, so maybe sports is a possibility…..

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