Episode 016 – It’s Not The Size Of Your Sensor…

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We’re covering all the bases related to gear in this episode. No camera, computer or piece of software is safe! To start things off, Sharky and Brian discuss whether there is enough justification for upgrading from one camera to a new version within the same family. For example are there enough compelling reasons to upgrade from the Sony a7R II to the a7R III? What about a Canon 5D Mark III to the Mark IV? Lots of juicy stuff there. Next, the hosts field a question left by a reader of Brian’s blog about whether more photographers are moving from Mac to Windows. All that and a fresh, heaping portion of “What’s on Your Gear Shelf?” round out Episode 16. Enjoy and please share!

Show Notes

  • Brian brings up the recent results of the Sony a7R III by DxOMARK [via DxOMark]
  • Brian also mentions a video by Tech YouTuber, MKBHD, where he does a great job of explaining DxOMark [via YouTube]
  • The hosts then segue to a comment left on Brian’s blog about whether there is a trend of switching from Apple to Windows [via Matiash.com]
  • Post cover photo [Lilly Rum via Unsplash]

What’s On Your Gear Shelf?

Sharky: Think Tank Photo SD Pixel Pocket Rocket [via Amazon]

Brian: Tripp-Lite UPS Battery Backup [via Amazon]


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  2. Hi Brian,

    I am basically a happy windows user, But I need to warn you hang off testing windows 10 for a little while.

    Specifically try to avoid the windows10 update to the Fall creators edition. It has been a nightmare for me and hundreds if not thousands of other windows users. Basically I was travelling and my little HP spectre (a 2 in 1 like a surface) kept updating then deciding it couldn’t so it undid the update and tried to restart wanted to do the update again and so on around in a loop. There was a point in the loop where you could log in in a small minute of so window by the cycle progressively got slower and slower this went on for about six weeks. This was very tedious when the local wifi is dodge to unusable. When I got home my desktop also wanted to update and this time the looping problem only lasted a day of so and then it told n=me it had updated, which sounded find till i discovered the start menu and pretty much any of the standard windows tools didn’t work or had seemed to dissapear. Again hundreds of frustrated folk are reporting this and similar errors after update on the microsoft forums. Nothing is being done are far as I can see.

    I managed to get out of this bad place by returning the HP spectre, the store where I purchase it and the technician eventually did a full reset on the machine and I undertook an “inplace” reset on my desktop Both involving tedious and lengthy steps, reloading software entering passwords and setting up software

    So don’t try windows unless you an get a clean new post fall creators update version.

    I also have a toshiba laptop which did upgrade ok. It has a conventional hard disk, is 64bit 8gb memory and an i7 processor BUT lightroom (4.4) runs like a lame dog on it and is virtually unusable. The desktop and my HP spectre both are only i5 64bit with 8gb memory however they have ssd drives. (posssibly the reason or the windows update hassles). Amazingly lightroom runs ok on them and is quite useable. So that is my biggest recommendation is get an SSD drive on the new windows machine (more important than processor speed)

    I am also a fan of On1 stuff, but have not had any real success with the Browse module (from not displaying .pef files to just not installing) and unfortunately I have not managed to get much support from the On1 team. Enhance Effects and layers work fine as add-ins to lightoom.

    I have also been using the beta test for luminar which works fine (no catalogue yet and the export needs a bit if refinement) and also recently purchased Aurora HDR 2018 which also flys on the i5s.

  3. How sore are your hands right now? Just wait till you start switching over to Windows and pounding your desk as it installs 40 updates without warning every time you reboot. You’re lucky that you have been able to be away from Windows for so long. I have always had to suffer with it for work, engineering apps, etc. Heck I just did a Win10 intall in vmware a few weeks ago.

    In fact absolutely, please try it. There is no double Apple’s software has become increasingly buggy and complex over the years, but it’s nowhere near the frustration that still exists in Windows. In fact I had a lot a faith that 10 addressed a lot of the UI issues and details that always bugged me, but the problems in the underlying design of windows are still there.
    As always, you can dual boot your mac, but it is so much nicer to run windows in a virtualization program, and they all work very well. Virtual Box is free and I usually run it at home for occasional PC-only software. VMware and Parallels have fancier UI and better integration and are well worth the yearly cost if you will be using them often for work.

    Of course, there is no argument Apple’s hardware is still well above the cost of PC hardware. Apple has no decent desktop solution for either low end or high end. They are only competitive in laptops without a tight budget. Then again, try using a Dell and realize they are still churning out the same 1990’s boat anchors because corporations love their support plans and buy them in the thousands. But once you realize the quality, innovation, and durability that apple designs into their hardware inside and out, you’ll realize they are not ripping you off.

    And don’t get me started on Premiere…

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