Episode 017 – Stop, Collaborate and Listen

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Ok, cool. Now that we got that song stuck in your head for the next day or two, we can begin. We’ve got a solid episode for you folks because it’s time for another Guest Host Tuesday! For today’s episode, please welcome photographer and photo coach extraordinaire, Matt Kloskowski! Matt has an extensive history teaching photography and we couldn’t think of a better person to join us. Actually, our first topic is directly based off of one of his blog posts, so there definitely isn’t anyone better to be here with us. We’re going to start off with a simple question: Is there a Lightroom replacement? With the noise surrounding Adobe’s updates to Lightroom a few months back, you’re seeing a number of companies vie to fill that gap for people who are abandoning ship. But seriously. Is it really that bad and, if so, can any other product fill those shoes? We follow that meaty topic up with a healthy debate around photo critiques and whether they’re still relevant (Spoiler: they absolutely are). All that, a bag of chips, and a heaping of “What’s On Your Gear Shelf?” make up Episode 17. Enjoy!

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Show Notes

  • We’re thrilled to welcome our next guest host, Matt Kloskowski. Check out his fantastic training systems for Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and ON1 Photo Raw [via MattK.com]

  • Our first topic is directly based off of a post that Matt recently shared about whether there are any true Lightroom alternatives [via MattK.com]
  • Despite the nominal performance boost, both Brian and Sharky agree that Lightroom is still their primary choice because there isn’t time to learn a new ecosystem
  • Several alternatives, including Luminar, ON1 Photo Raw, and Capture One are considered
  • Finally, the hosts share experiences giving and receiving critiques and reaffirm why they’re still so important
  • Post cover photo [“My Life Through A Lens” via Unsplash]

What’s On Your Gear Shelf?

Matt: PGD Tracker [via PhotoGearDesigns]

Brian: Zeiss Batis 2.8/18 [via Amazon]

Sharky: Atmosphere aerosol for photographers [via Amazon]


  1. Matt and you two, to a certain extent, just don’t get it. I don’t hate Adobe because LR is slow, I hate the subscription model. Now, I hear all three of you yelling “It’s only $10 a month!”. That’s right, but guess what, Microsoft Office is moving to subscription. Improve Photography Plus is a subscription. How long can I keep up if everyone moves to a subscription? As soon as I find that program that can replace LR, into the dustbin of software it goes. I’ve already dumped Office by reinstalling Office 2007. I’ll keep IP+ if that’s the only sub I have, but it also hangs in the balance.

    As a hobbyist, I’ll only put a certain percentage of my expendable income into recurring expenses. ANY company that goes subscription is giving the middle finger to hobbyists.

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