Episode 020 – The Intersection of Photography and Social Media

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Here we are! A new year, a new episode (#20!) and a new guest. With all the resolutions and goals that photographers make, we thought it’d be a great time to dive into the role that social media plays with how we share our work and build our brands. To help bring that conversation to life, we’re thrilled to introduce our next guest host, Colby Brown! Usually, each episode consists of two topics but because there was so much great chatter about how social media affects today’s photographers, we decided to devote the entire show to it. If you’ve been looking for ways to help improve how you utilize social media with your photography, definitely listen to this show. And don’t you worry… we’ve also got a fresh portion of “What’s On Your Gear Shelf?” waiting to be served up.

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Show Notes

  • Thank you to our show sponsor, Gulf Photo Plus Photo Week 2018. Save 15% off registration with code NONAMEDUBAI
  • We’re pleased to welcome our next guest host, Colby Brown [Website | The Giving Lens]
  • One of the key topics discussed is a photographer’s ability to leverage a large social media following and that isn’t always as easy as it sounds
  • Brian mentions that he uses Buffer as a service that schedules his social media posts in advance [via Buffer]
  • The hosts discuss the importance of understanding who your audience is and how to effectively reach them
  • Post cover photo [Clem Onojeghuo via Unsplash]

What’s On Your Gear Shelf?

Colby: Kahtoola MICROSpikes [via Amazon]

Brian: Tile Sport [via Amazon]

Sharky: PhotoPills


  1. Enjoyed the show and by all means go longer (sorry dear editor)! Although very interesting and I found some wisdom I might be able to translate into my non-photography business, I’m not driven to monetize my photography (or my 27 social media followers) in any way. Sometimes, when the discussions turn to monetization or becoming “pro” I tune out a bit.

    But you spoke of knowing or defining your audience, and I find that interesting. As a “hobbyist” I enjoy your podcasts and other media as I learn and strive to improve and stay motivated — so you’ve become some cool photo-educators (to me). Given some commentary from you and others that there are “so many photographers” (or something to that effect), is there a conflict in defining your audience? Do hobbyists crowd the playing field for those striving to make a career out of photography? You teach hobbyists who then might become pros; seems like a very good thing, but is the “pie” (self-baked or not) limited? — ya’ll did provide some interesting takes on “competition”. And yet there’s a fuzzy, gray line or, maybe, a sliding scale between a hobbyist and the full-time pro. Sure, I’d like more followers for community, motivation, and ego, but I’m lucky to have a great career based around another passion and have used photography to spend money (thanks WOYGS, ouch) not make it.

    Sorry, probably tldr, but is there a different approach to social media for “hobbyists” who might be very capable and creative artists? Is this a non-issue and the fuzzy line keeps all of us photographers as the same audience? I guess if someone stumbled upon one of my images (mostly uncapable and uncreative) and wanted to pay for it, I’d sell it, thereby ruining my vaulted amateur status…

    Thanks again, as always, keep going…

  2. Great show. Could have listened to it for longer. Lot’s of good tips. Can you guys do another show around the same topic, I’m sure there is lots more to discuss?

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  7. Hi, love the podcast and Colby is a great guy! Thank you so much for putting these out. I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the bag in the image above… the leather one? Thank you so much.

  8. 1. As a fairly avid listener of numerous photo podcasts, I really like your format of two guys bantering (intelligently) on two topics.

    2. I’m going to make this comment / question from the point of view of someone who is really into photography, but as a hobby. Furthermore, I’m freely admit that I’m someone who is not well versed in the social media universe nor particularly interested.

    3. The question (which then relates to a comment) is do you guys have any demographics in regards to who listens to photography podcasts? I’m assuming there are stats in re: who visits photo websites (dpreview, fstoppers, petapixel etc…) as well as podcasts (probably to a lesser extent). My hypothesis (again, I’m might be completely off the mark) is that the majority of listeners are not professional photographers (ie people making their living via photography) but in fact most are probably “weekend warriors”. As such, the comment or feeling I get when I listen to discussions re: social media is that 97% of what is being said has no relevance to me. Yea, I have an instagram account, but it’s just to show some of my photos; I have no specific business goals for it because I’m not a professional photographer nor do I wish to be a professional photographer. I have to assume that a significant percentage of the listeners likewise are in a similar situation as I am and thus listening to Colby Brown discuss various strategies in re: social media is like… listening to Alex Honnold discuss recommendations on how to free climb the big walls at Yosemite.

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