Episode 023 – These Go To 11

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For those about to rock, we salute you. That is, of course, you plan on rocking out at a Jack White concert with your mobile device. In that case, you’re out of luck. More and more, musicians are clamping down on the prolific use of smartphones at live events. Concertgoers who wish to nab some photos or a quick video to remember the event are out of luck, so Brian and Sharky discuss whether the new policy is too far-reaching. Next up, the hosts build on some topics brought up in Episode 20 with Colby Brown. With all of the algorithms in place at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that determine which of your shared content will get shown, is it even possible for emerging photographers to make a dent with their brands? All that and, you guessed it, a fresh heaping scoop of “What’s On Your Gear Shelf?” round out this episode. Enjoy!

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Show Notes

  • Make sure to check out the awesome giveaway that Sharky is holding [via LensShark]
  • Jack White bans mobile devices from his concerts [via DIY Photography]
  • Are boutique social platforms, like Ello, viable alternatives to Facebook and Instagram? [via DIY Photography]
  • Post cover photo [Noiseporn via Unsplash]

What’s On Your Gear Shelf?

Sharky: Fotodiox Pro 5-in-1 Reflector [via Amazon]

Brian: Pocket Tripod


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