Episode 025 – Welcome to the First Quarter Quell

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Welcome to Episode 25, everyone! That’s probably 24 more episodes in the can than both hosts expected, but who’s counting? The stories covered in this episode share the theme of branding and how some photographers choose to market their brands. Our first story involves a photographer whose brand is used to limelight and controversy. We’re talking, of course, about Peter Lik and the recent confirmation that he had composited a recent super moon photo even though his initial description made no such claim. The second story comes from a video shared by Youtuber and photographer, Jessica Kobeissi. Despite billing herself as a professional photographer and resource, she made the tragic—and rookie—mistake of no maintaining any sort of backup for her work. So, when her sole external hard drive crashed while traveling, she had to cough up $4,000 to recover the data. How does this even happen anymore, people? All that and a fresh dose of “What’s on Your Gear Shelf?”

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Show Notes

  • Jared Polin receives email confirmation from Peter Lik’s “people” about “Moonlit Dreams” being a composite [via PetaPixel]
  • F-Stoppers first shared an extensive look at the dubious inference of the photo being a single exposure [via F-Stoppers YouTube]
  • The photo post on Peter Lik’s website now shows up with a 404 error. Womp womp. [via lik.com]
  • Youtuber and photographer, Jessica Kobeissi, has to spend $4000 to recover lost data [via YouTube]

What’s On Your Gear Shelf?

Sharky: Tenba Heavy Bag [via Tenba]

Brian: Really Right Stuff Ultra Pocket ‘Pod [via RRS]


  1. Would that Pocket ‘Pod really hold what you said? Wow. I was going to ask if it would be strong enough to hold A7RIII + 24mm Tilt-Shift. Looks like it might fall over frontwards. But regardless looks like a good thing to have on the shelf too.

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