Episode 027 – The Best Social is True Social

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There’s another social network making waves and you may have heard about it. The darling platform of late is called Vero and there has been a recent influx of photographers moving over for the prospect of no ads and no algorithms. Vero claims that their business model will be built atop a subscription fee (beyond the first million users, who get free lifetime membership). Time will tell what happens here and Brian and Sharky share their experiences using the app. Our second topic brings to fruition a prediction that we made way back in Episode 007. In that episode, Brian predicted that we’ll start to see more camera technology incorporating intelligence to aid photographers. Sure enough, Canon has answered the charge. All that and a fresh batch of “What’s On Your Gear Shelf?” to wrap this up.

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Show Notes

  • While Vero has been around for a bit, it has recently gained serious traction with photographers. Check it out for yourselves. [iOS and Android]
  • Canon announces the 470EX-AI, the world’s first strobe with built-in intelligence [via PetaPixel]

What’s On Your Gear Shelf?

Sharky: Mac Sports Utility Wagon [via Amazon]

Brian: Canon EF 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye [via Amazon]


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  2. I actually own two of those blue foldable carts and use them for one of the sports I regularly compete in to cart around all of the gear the sport requires and it works great. Best part, because I don’t have a ton of room to spare in the trunk of my car, it folds up so it stores away and takes up almost no room. Sorry, Brian, I have to back up Sharkey on this one, this is an amazing tool to cart around gear in. And, if the blue really bothers you, they have that same cart in black.

  3. I listened with interest to your discussion about Vero.

    Has anyone checked the terms regarding who owns the copyright of posted images?

    I have seen screen shots of people pointing out that VERO is claiming all rights once it is on their page. I’m not sure if that is the case, I’m just curious if anyone has checked the terms for it.

    1. Just checked the T&Cs (which very helpfully have a basic translation into normal language). You can find them here: https://www.vero.co/terms-of-use. Basically you retain ownership of all rights, however, they do stipulate that they may use some of your content.

      Taken from their terms: ” Vero is a social network that allows you to post or share content like music, photos, and videos. We do not own your content and nothing under this Agreement transfers to us or to other users ownership of any of the content you post or share on the Service, nor does it restrict the way you use the content outside of the Service. It’s yours and we want to keep it that way.

      Again, we do not and will not own your content; however, since the Service is a social network, we need you to give us permission to use the content you post or share solely as necessary to provide the Service and for a few additional purposes identified in our Privacy Policy. Basically, it’s so when you post something, the other users you want to share it with can see or hear the content you posted on Vero.”

      Any one using any site should always read the T&Cs and not just blindly click on they “I Agree” if they do not understand what they agree to and also should not depend on other people looking up the T&Cs.

  4. You can also get the Mac Utility wagon in Red if you don’t like black or blue. I own a red one and while haven’t used it a lot, when I have used it made life a lot easier. So Brian l too have Sharkeys back on this one. The wagon has been very useful when I needed haul more stuff than my bag would handle comfortably.

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