Episode 028 – Mind the Bunny Ears

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Have you ever read a story about some of the “not-so-smart” things that photographers have done and just shake your head incredulously? So have we! And that’s what today’s episode is all about. We’re covering two stories about photographers who may not have exercised good judgment in one way or another and what the response has been as a result. In our first story, we discuss a photographer, Mercer Harris, and his choice of pairing little ducklings and bunnies with infants and toddlers for his annual Easter shoots. While this, in and of itself, may cause you to look sideways, the public response has been despicable. Our next story involves 64-year-old photographer, Michael Warnock, and 22-year-old model, Chelsea Guerra, who pled guilty to holding a nude photo shoot in the morning at, get this, a strip mall. Alas, this is what some forms of normal looks like these days, folks. So, we’ve got all that and a fresh portion of “What’s on Your Gear Shelf?” to round things out. Enjoy!

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Show Notes

  • Photographer received death threats for using ducklings and bunnies in photo shoot [via PetaPixel]
  • Photographer and model plead guilty to nude shoot at busy strip mall [via PetaPixel]
  • Cover photo by Hans Eiskonen [via Unsplash]

What’s On Your Gear Shelf?

Sharky: Giotto Rocket Air Blaster [via Amazon]

Brian: Petzl Tikka RXP Headlamp [via Amazon]


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  2. I’ve been enjoying your show quite a bit. I like the way you together deal with interesting topics with a great sense of humor.

    I certainly think both the model and photographer in the story about the nude mall photoshoot should have known better. I am not a lawyer but do photography of nudes and have some understanding of what is permitted. In New York State, a woman is permitted to be topless anywhere a man is permitted to be topless. That does not mean the police can’t decide to arrest someone for something like disturbing the peace. One of course has to have some common sense, a crowded mall in front of a children’s store is probably not the best place to test that right. There are also provisions of New York law that permits full nudity in an artistic performance. Again, common sense must apply. There have been mass body painting events in New York City where all the models, male and female, are painted fully nude, in public, during daylight hours, with police protection.

    As you both pointed out, the smart thing is to go to an isolated location, even if in a public park, at a time when you can reasonably expect very little other foot traffic, and be aware of what is going on around you. Alternately, you can go to a location where nudity is allowed, there is an officially designated beach near me, and shoot there.

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