Episode 031 – Mobile Killed the dSLR Star

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Greetings, friends, and welcome to a new episode! It seems that several times a year, some new app or accessory comes out and makes us think whether mobile photography could actually be a viable alternative or—gasp—replacement for traditional cameras. Mobile phone manufacturers certainly are spending millions upon millions of dollars in R&D and design all centered on that tiny camera sensor or lens (or lenses, depending on the phone you own). And of this, an entire industry of mobile camera accessories has been created, allowing photographers and videographers to eek out as much creative opportunity as possible from these pocket systems. That covers the first topic of the show. Next, Sharky and Brian discuss their views on whether it’s important for photographers to manage their own blogs/websites. With so many people sharing work on social media, the question begging to be asked is, “is there a point to investing time and money to manage your own site?” It’s a timely and important topic for sure. All that and a new installment of “What’s on Your Gear Shelf?” will call this episode complete. Enjoy!

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Show Notes

  • Moment announces a Kickstarter campaign for their new mobile-only anamorphic lens, battery case, and filter holder system [via FStoppers]
  • Nisi announces a mobile-only ND, Soft ND, and Polarizer filter system. We can’t deny it. It looks super cute. [via PetaPixel]
  • Do photographers really need a website in 2018? [via DIYPhotography]
  • Should photographers have blogs? [via FStoppers]

What’s On Your Gear Shelf?

Sharky: Insta360 One [via Amazon]

Brian: WD My Passport Wireless SSD [via B&H Photo]


  1. Great show! I’ve listened to every single episode and thoroughly enjoy your information and the format of your show (ie., Seinfeld and Kostanza).

    I wanted to add one more thought to the mobile photography discussion in this episode: sometimes, your phone may be the best tool to get the shot. This past weekend, my wife and I were at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. My wife spotted a flowering hedgehog cactus (which is about 6 inches high) and said, “Wouldn’t it be great if you could take a picture of the flower looking up at that big (as in 20 foot tall) cactus? At first, I thought, she was crazy, but then I put away my XPro2, and took out my iPhone, and then put it in selfie mode. I composed the shot on the screen and then took it from 1 inch off the ground, looking up. You can see it on my IG feed @mylids. I could not have made that shot with my XPro2. Mobile photography gives us options that go beyond what is possible with a traditional camera. I view it as another tool in my photographic toolbox.

  2. In my mind, a website is just another form of an advertisement. No different than a listing in the yellow pages (does that even still exist?), tv ad, or a social media account. Whether or not you need one depends on your audience. If your target audience is likely to start from a search engine, then a website is a must.

    Jumping back an episode, the previous one talked about social media, and paying for boosting yourself. I also see social media as just advertising as well (not just social media accounts for businesses either, personal accounts as well). Everyone starts off on an even playing field, but if you want to stand out, you can do it the hard way, and consistently use the platform and build a following, or you can pay $ to advertise yourself ~ either way, you pay.

    That being said, a website is way more powerful than any of the other mediums in terms of engagement, and you have a wealth of opportunities to generate revenue from it and do things you cannot do anywhere else. But if you can monetize your Instagram account, and that’s where your audience is, you don’t need a website.

    (Note: I would argue my posting of this comment is an advertisement, darn it).

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