Episode 032 – I’m Really A Catch

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We’ve got some great topics ready for you in this episode. Our first story comes from a Petapixel article covering a wonderful video by Jamie Windsor. In Jamie’s video, he ties an interesting study called the Dunning-Gruger effect to the mentality of when bad photographers think they’re good. What’s wonderful is the way that Jamie approaches the subject and it makes for a great conversation that everyone can relate to. Our next story is dedicated to those photographers looking to add a little extra passive income from their work. It’s not about getting rich but it may make buying that new lens or taking that trip a bit easier on the wallet. All that and a fresh portion of “What’s on Your Gear Shelf?” round out Episode 32. Enjoy!

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Show Notes

  • When Bad Photographers Think They’re Good [via PetaPixel]

  • Why I Use Getty Images To Sell My Photos [via PetaPixel]

What’s On Your Gear Shelf?

Sharky: Tenba Protective Wrap Tools [via Amazon]

Brian: Zeiss Lens Wipes [via Amazon]


  1. While listening to this podcast, I heard Brian mention he had visited Detroit. Being a Detroit photographer, I wanted to give a shoutout for visiting our fair city! If you have been to Detroit in the past, you most likely noticed that the urbex scene has changed a lot in the the last few years, mainly many of the buildings are being renovated or torn down, with the downtown/midtown/new center area seeing the most change. I have to say I am curious what buildings you had visited. I have been exploring Detroit since 2008, and now most of my exploring is out of state (the eastern half of the US).

    I hope you got to see some decent buildings while you were here. If you are curious check out my website to see some of Detroit. Cheers! Love listening to the show!

  2. Thanks guys, I think you got the point of my article more so than those that left comments on PetaPixel. Stock is just a way to make “play money” from photos that would otherwise be gathering dust on my hard drive. It is by no means my main income and as I said in the article, I don’t rely and would never rely on stock as an income.
    Thanks again and it was great listening to the rest of the episode too

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