Episode 040 – The Storm Whisperer

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Despite all odds, we’ve made it to our 40th episode and with that, an impossibly difficult-to-pronounce tuple. But, we persevered and are excited to have Mike Olbinski back as guest host! Aside from being a generally great dude, we asked Mike to come back because we wanted to spend an entire episode digging deep into the world of storm chasing photography and there isn’t anyone else who we’d rather talk to about it than him. We cover a variety of subjects related to storm chasing, including how to make it into a business, what the competitive landscape of storm chasing looks like, and what is involved with locating and getting to a storm. It felt great to spend the episode focusing on this topic and we’re sure you’re going to find it as interesting as we did.

To whet your appetite for the show, check out a small selection of Mike’s storm photos, including this episode’s Featured Photo (all used with permission), along with two FB Live videos that Mike shared while on-location at some storms.

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Show Notes

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  1. Best episode to date in my personal opinion – I could have listened to Brian and the two Mikes talk for hours. It’s funny because the description of hunting the storms reminds me more of how I used to hunt big fish when younger than any photography I have ever done.

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