Happy New Year! Aaaand We’re Taking The Week Off

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You know that feeling when you’re listening to someone and they have something in their throat and all you want to do is invoke some Jedi mind control to make them clear it out? Yeah. We know that feeling too, which is why Sharky and I have taken the week off. Both of us caught some gnarly flu and it had been plaguing our throats and our general sense of feeling spunky. While taking the first week of 2018 off certainly bums us out, it’d bum us out even more if we put out a subpar episode.

But not all is lost! We’re both on the mend and our voices are pretty much close to being only naturally annoying (and not aided by the flu), so we’re going to be recording Episode 20 this week for broadcast next Tuesday, January 9th. Sharky and I are very thrilled to share all the good stuff we’ve got planned for you this year and want to thank you for being such an amazing audience! To help pass the time until our next episode airs, enjoy this amazing live stream of our planet provided by the wonderful folks at NASA.

Cover photo: Matthew Henry via Unsplash

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