Hey guys! My name is Sharky James. After a long career in photojournalism for newspapers and the publishing business, I decided that my passion was in helping others improve their photography.

My goal is to make  an invaluable resource for you as you seek to improve your photographic skills. I want you to benefit from my decades of experience.

Photojournalists are uniquely positioned to teach as we’ve been in just about every lighting/shooting situation imaginable. We’re the Swiss Army knife of photographers.

In addition to the newspapers I’ve been a staff photojournalist for, I’ve been published in Reader’s Digest (the second biggest magazine in the U.S., albeit physically small), TIME for Kids and many others. I’ve been blessed in that I’ve been able to make money with a camera since I was in high school.

In 2013, I moved to Utah (no, I’m not Mormon…since I know many will ask), married a wonderful woman and have five great kids. I officially retired from full-time photojournalism with that move, but was a contract shooter for the big daily in Utah. I’ve since moved to Boise, Idaho and in addition to the podcast, I shoot for corporate clients, select portrait projects and keep my sports photography skills sharp producing content for my friend’s site (Small Town Sports Network aka STSN).